Prophecy Company

We have wide range of products. 

We have many housing design of the USB flash drive.  The size come from 1GB to 64GB.

Cables categories includes HDMI HD cable, Audio Video cable, USB cable, LAN (Cat5/Cat6) cable and iPhone cables. 

High performance mini air compressor. Inflation time for a R14 tire to 30PSI within 4 minutes.

We have many accessories supporting iPhone/iPod/iPad

Product List

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(852) 8199 9770

7¡±, 8¡± and 10¡± Android Tablet PC

Tablet PC              

We have soundbar with Bluetooth connection and many different style portable speakers. Some carries build in batteries. 

Different type of mobile phone with latest technology such as TV, dual sim card, WiFi, Java

A branded line particularly design for iphone. All iphone accessories could be found here

Digital TV with ATSC/DVB-T digital tuner, size available from 15.6¡± - 40¡±